CAE (Certificate in Advanced English)

As of 2017, the CAE exam may be taken at ABC Language Centre. The Certificate in Advanced English is an exam provided by Cambridge University. The exam results are valid for life and are accepted by many universities. The exam covers a broad spectrum of English language skills and the course at ABC English Language Centre aims to practice and develop these skills in order to successfully pass the exam. Two options for a period of study are offered, (8 months/ 16 months). The decision to complete the course in either 8 or 16 months will depend on the ability of the student. The CAE demands a very high level of English and students will study intricate nuances of grammar and lexicon.

Additional Info

  • Duration: 8 months (October to June) OR 16 months (October to June for 2 school years)
  • Classes: Two 90 minute classes per week
  • Course-book: CAE Gold Plus
  • Cost: 90 minutes = 10 leva
  • CEF Level: C1
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