TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language)

The TOEFL test is accepted by many universities throughout the world. There is no pass or fail system. Each university specifies how many TOEFL points are needed in order to gain entry onto a particular course.

The TOEFL course at ABC Language Centre is an intense academic course. The student does not need to buy a course-book. All materials are provided. The teacher will select the best material from a range of over ten course-books. The exam may be taken after 3-4 months if the student’s level is adequate. However, students have the option to remain in the class for as long as necessary.

The TOEFL exam includes:

Reading: We will study a wide variety of texts on academic subjects. Students are encouraged to refer to websites, internet resources and lectures, all recommended by the school. The reading is usually the most difficult section of the test, but we provide extensive practice with it.

Listening: We will listen to academic lectures and conversations with native speakers. The course is taught by a native speaker of English; therefore, throughout the course, the student’s listening skills will also improve by virtue of participating in the class.

Speaking: There are six speaking questions on the TOEFL exam. With practice, these will become relatively easy to master. Again, because the course is taught only in English, speaking skills will improve by virtue of participating in the class.

Writing: There are two writing questions on the TOEFL exam. The class will teach various writing skills and techniques through which the student can obtain an excellent mark for writing.

Additional Info

  • Duration: Minimum of 3 months but option to extend
  • Classes: Two 90 minute classes per week
  • Course-book: No course-book required
  • Cost: 90 minutes = 10 leva
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