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ABC is a successful and innovative language centre located in the beautiful and historic city of Veliko Turnovo. We are a registered Cambridge exam centre. Our philosophy of teaching is that students learn when they enjoy and are interested in what they are studying. For this reason, we teach through a range of methods and activities which are designed to stimulate and appeal to all types of language learner. ABC employs a communicative and task-based approach to language learning, which means that we encourage speaking and practical use of the target language. We employ the very best native speakers and Bulgarian teachers.

With children, our aim is to instill in them a love of the language and a love of learning. We encourage any and all approaches which will achieve this. If a child enjoys coming to class, they will learn. Younger students are taught through an engaging mix of song, dance and craft while school-aged children follow stimulating course-books.

With older students and adults, the logic is the same. ABC offers comprehensive training for all exam classes, business courses, medical, legal, and various other specialties.

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